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Which Season is Best for Exterior and Interior Home Renovations?

Urgent renovations should be done as soon as possible, but if you're planning a kitchen or living room remodel, a little thought and planning can save you time and money. While saving money during the winter months is possible, renovation projects may only be feasible during the summer.

Homeownership comes with an endless list of home improvement projects and knowing when to complete them can be difficult. Ultimately, the best time to work on a home renovation project is when you have free time. However, if you're eager to plan projects to ensure success, think about which season has the best weather patterns. By carefully thinking this through, you will minimize future maintenance issues and make hiring professionals easier.

Interior Paint

Painting inside has the advantage of having air conditioning and heating, but if you are in the middle of a humid summer, it will take longer for a room to dry, and it may dry unevenly. Paint your interior spaces throughout the winter when the air is the driest if you are concerned about humidity levels inside.

Exterior Additions and Foundations

When it comes to building foundations and room additions, winter's frozen ground and dry air are easier to work with than the higher humidity and wet soil of spring and summer.

Exterior Patios or Decks

During the off-season, you should engage a designer and/or contractor in the winter for a new deck or patio to use throughout the summer. Then, when the ground is softer and easier to work within the spring, you'll be ready to begin building the deck. Working on this project in the spring means workers will enjoy lower temperatures, and the outdoor space will be prepared in time for summer.

Exterior Installation of New Windows

Because installing new windows is a typical summer project, you may have an easier time finding a contractor before the busy season starting in the spring. Plus, installing windows in the spring will be more bearable than on a hot summer day.

Interior Repair or Replacement of Fireplaces

Most people wait until the fall or winter to maintain their fireplaces, so the summer's demand and labor prices are lower. Summer is the best season to give your fireplace a makeover, even if it's only a simple renovation. Then, on a chilly fall night, when you want to curl up by the fire, your fireplace is ready to go.

Exterior Landscaping

Landscaping? In autumn? Groundbreaking! With the peak landscaping season behind you, the fall is a great time to save money on landscaping services. Planting is easier with the cooler temps and moist soil, and you may start winterizing your outdoor spaces simultaneously.

Interior Kitchen Renovations with Appliances

There are many appliance specials in the fall, from Labor Day to Black Friday. During this season, stores hope to clear out last year's models to create a place for next year's models. As a result, you'll be able to save money on that new refrigerator or stove you've been eyeing for your kitchen remodel. You can also invest in energy-efficient versions to save money on your electricity bills in the long run and afford more luxury kitchen appliances as well.

Interior Basements and Attics

Fall is the perfect time of year if you want to renovate the basement or turn the attic into a pleasant guestroom. It won't be as hot in the attic as in the summer, and it won't be as cold in the basement as in the winter. Furthermore, building materials will be less expensive than in the summer, and hiring a local renovation agency for basements or attics will be easier in the off-season.

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